Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of directional perfection .It emphasizes on land spacing ,directional principles ,Architectural alignment and Spatial Geometry . It works on the key factor of negative and positive zones taking into account many other factors from mother nature ,vastu ensures a healthy and positive life style for everyone who follows atleast its basic laws which are followed since ages Giving relevance to the Vastu purusha.
Maintaining positive flow of energy in our living space , work place etc leads to a life without stress ,thus helping us in achieving our goals and living in harmony.

Balancing a zone is the most important factor in Astrovastu ..for example NORTH – The zone of new opportunities and new beginnings in ones life in terms of getting new clients , new job etc , Now NORTH is the zone of the element WATER ,so if we have anti element here like Fire or Earth the entire positive attributes of NORTH zone gets effected thus causing problems in getting career growth , new offers , new job etc. so each zone has to be balanced thats what we call gridding your space in astrovastu terms .

Through the combination of Astrovastu ( astrology + vastu ) we merge your birth chart (horoscope) with the space you live in to get faster results in any aspect of life, specially taking care of the 8 and 12 houses of your birth chart which cause’s most of the issue’s we face in life whether health , financial losses , business loss , relationship issues , overseas travel or jobs , disputes in court cases , accidents etc are results of these house’s getting afflicted during the MD,AD and PD of a particular planet that operates the 8th  & 12th house .

Thats the reason of sudden up’s and down’s in one’s life.

Each of the 8 directions are important as well as the center known as the brahmasthan.

Energy distribution should be taken care of as per vastu norms as follows :

The north , northeast , east , northwest directions  should be lighter than the southwest, south , southeastern parts of any premises leaving the center totally light,any disturbance in the positive directions will imbalance the vaastu leading to various issues regarding health, wealth and happiness location of different rooms should be properly done as per vaastu norms , specially toilets, kitchens and main door, above all the main door is the mouth of the premises we use if wrongly placed it will bring in all the negative energies leading to obstacles, thus vaastu plays an important role if we need to live a peaceful life.

   Thus I insist every person to get their homes, offices, factories checked as per vaastu and live in harmony with positive vibrations all around.