Crescentia is a very patient and intent listener, which helps people interact very freely and openly with her.Her healing prayers are very effective and powerful ,one can feel immediate difference.

Jyoti Thingalaya ( Mumbai )

Nice experience, first time to know about crystal healing thank you for a one to one interaction.

Abhishek Sharma (Mumbai)

I was seriously going through a very bad phase in life, I dint have any peace of mind whether it was at home or work, I was loosing my mental frame of mind, until I met this wonderful couple. Now my life has taken a dramatic U-TURN thanks to them who helped me and guided me through my bad phase, and kept me in a sane frame of mind, I thank both of them and wish them all success in life.

Yogessh Thhorat (Valhalla Mumbai)

Two of the most honest, helpful and majestically spiritual people I know over the years, who are truly connected.

Eva Grover (Actress, Mumbai)

Am happy with the results obtained. Marked improvement in our lifestyle after following the suggested cures. Trust & Faith go a long way in situations like this.

Sujata Shettigar (Oberoi Woods Garegaon)

Excellent and satisfying service.

Dr. kanika Mehra (Raipur)

It has covered the basis’s, name analysis as well as karmic analysis. The presentation was excellent. It has changed my perspective of looking at numerology.

Vivek Pramod Kale (Mumbai)

Crescentia and Sheldon have been extremely helpful and forth coming with their advices for improvement in our lives, though skeptical at first we started believing when some of their predictions started coming true. Our belief and faith in them was further strengthened. We have just started following their suggested remedies to the last word, now awaiting results. We are thankful to have them especially Crescentia in our lives.

Smita Iyer (Mumbai)

Very infomative, the healing session was very helpful.

Ms. Shruti Vijayan (Jet Airways Mumbai)

I am happy the way the crystals are working. It is giving positive feeling of wellbeing& love is felt.Body feels better ,need to give some more time

Jayant J Mehta (Housewife)

Excellent service it was really a good experience things changed around where relationship issue’s were concerned after following what was told in regards with the direction analysis done small mistakes were affecting things overall, life is much more simpler now.. Wish them all the beste

Grace (Mumbai)

Very good, satisfying and reliable service.

Merci Williams (Secretary Highmark Info Mumbai)

To enriching both are highly equipped with information regarding the subject, explained the stuff in such a fantastic way that they made all the experience and learning so very easy.

Girija Handa (Mumbai)

I have only one word -it works, great,- shows alot of positivity with(crystals) & combination of numerology it works wonders.It is an awesome combination.One should just go & do it. & wait for the results to follow.I have done it for my company -and am seeing the results.

Parull Dosshi (Permanent paperz pvt ltd Mumbai)