Fengshui is the art of placement; it originated in China around 4000 years ago. In Chinese, Feng means (Wind) and shui means (Water), thus fengshui literally means wind and water. The main aim in fengshui is to properly balance these two energies, as we know fengshui has gained a lot of popularity all over the world, we can use it in our homes as well as for commercial or industrial purpose and make life more peaceful and prosperous. It deals with the placement of furniture’s, use of colors, lights, crystals, etc. to achieve balance in energies. When we talk about energy balance we should be clear about the two different forms of energy, commonly know as negative and positive energy by us. However there is lot more to it technically the terms given to it is YIN and YANG.


The yin and yang symbol represents a balance between positive and negative , there is always a bit yin in yang and yang in yin thus maintaining perfect balance.Yin and yang simply means light and dark,negative and positive ,sun and moon, day and night etc.

Example : On a rainy day the weather turns dull and we start feeling lazy indoors , as yin energies dorminates the outer parts of the house spreading through the indoors making the house dull by imbalancing the yang energies ,so we put the lights on and increase the yang energies indoors to feel active .we always need a balance to be maintained  between these two energies  at all times for our benefit .

Fengshui is a great way to maintain this balance .

Fengshui is not about filling your house with cheap selling stuff from the market like wealth bringing frogs , drazons, laughing man, coins , etc …. That’s just money making stuff and basic remedies given which I don’t recommend at all. However I follow the most advanced authentic fengshui school which needs no such stuff but just the use of water , salt , pictures , plants works wonders ….. yes it does .

So have you fengshueddddddddddddddddddd your place yet.