Crystal Healing

Crystals are a way To Chanelize To The Divine, the most natural and purest form to understand the energies of the divine most of our religious books and texts mention their relevance the bible says in the book of exodus 39. 8-21 how crystals were used to determine gods will every high preist was asked to wear to a breast piece which had 4 rows of precious and semi precious stones which include rubies, topaz, garnet, emerald, sapphire ,diamond ,turquoise ,agate, amethyst ,beryl, carnelian, jaspers which proves that mother earth in her existence gave birth to such beauty which in turn is used today by every religion for overall growth and also by master healers all around the world to heal on a higher level , humans in turn at times are selfish we use gods creations and discard when we don’t understand his ways. The lessons we need to learn is to cherish gods treasure. Lets relate this to science : The energy body is in its non Psychical form and is also know as the bioplasmic body and can be seen by kirlian photography an advance technology however both the Psychical and the bioplasmic body are closely related, so if one is hurt or damaged the other feels it, both work hand in hand. Energy is trapped and distributed through chakra’s and nadi’s the energy collected by are chakra’s are further transported to various body organs through various nadi’s majorly the ida, pingla and sushmna nadi which are the three most importance among the 72000 nadi’s known. Crystal healings injects the color’s and works on codes for every chakra ,it can also be bought in balance by using symbols which most of the reiki practitioners or shamanism healers follow throughout the world .The right intake of food can also make these chakras function well.