Astrology is not just the positioning of planets or other celestial bodies, it’s actually the blue print of every human beings life which influences every single event and affair of their life ,in fact this subject can’t be explained so we would not pile up information on this site which a layman would not be able to relate to, and for us it would take at least a decade to dive into this ocean of knowledge which has all the codes for us to decode and understand what’s stored behind the scenes.Practice of astrology on pada level for predictions and transits for yearly predictions is what I focus on .Giving importance to degrees ,ascendant lord ,dushtana houses and the amazing yearly planetary retrogrades justifies my love for this beautiful science .Astrology can give you a perfect career selection, a remedy for any illness and also a break through from the worst scenario’s .The way i look at astrology is not the manglik dosha or kalsarpa there is so much beauty to it which can be shared to improvise ones life rather then scaring others.Astrology is not just your birth chart and what it reveals in your lifespan but it’s about all the beautifull chances you will experience during every coming year ahead it is about challenges you will face in a planetary retrograde , its just a roller coster ride which should be enjoyed ,every astro chart has a challenging phase to it which ensures a good cycle ahead if the lessons taught are understood well during the difficult period.