Angel Therapy

Angels being a part of almost all religions have been an essential between the human and esoteric realms ,as their existence leaves a mark over the ages helping humanity grow and evolve , angel therapy is a tool in which you can get angelic guidance through your angels ,spirit guides and also your loved ones which are commonly known as departed souls and at times some of the less experienced people take these messages from our loved ones as angelic messages which is a big time mistake ,differentiating between an angelic message and that from a loved one is something that an expert can easily make out ,few facts about angels have not yet been revealed one of which being that the angels were once controlled and trapped by king Solomon in his Pandora’s box now as he has opened the box there are many such angels coming out of it which are not from god but from the lower realm ,here we connect with the the angels which are originally mentioned on the tree of life with keter being the 1st ranked and malkhut as the last each teaching us the different lesson in life towards spiritual life ,for all those who are unaware of the terms mentioned above kindly know that keter is metatron and malkhut being sandalphon ,both these angels don’t come directly from god however they have been given great relevance on the tree of life, angel therapy is not just connecting with angels which i guess anyone could do ,however adding a touch of clairvoyance will give you laser point precision reading .come be a part of this beautiful angelic world which we all experience in our day to day life ,every experience differs one could either be clairvoyant the other could be great at listening to messages ,some could feel the message and other could actually pen it down ,we all are great and we all do good at what we do , at the end what matters is what is the message that we filter down for our well being and for others .