Messages from the Masters

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Dear Friends,

Life is all about learning and exploring and so here we are dedicated towards unveilling the secret mysteries and the hidden truths about the universe. Lets run you through how we started our journey into the metaphysical world ,in the year 2007 there was a karmic change or an energy shift which you can also call in your words, life was not the way we wanted, there was loads of hard work which wasn’t fruitful,and which could never make us feel that we were made to do the type of work we were into,the best part of it was that together we sailed through the stormy ocean of test and trails, what we learnt is that not every human being gets a calling to do something different, that’s why we are the only ones in our family following a different path and yes if two souls connect as soul mates and have a desire to rise ,to grow with dignity to do something for humanity even god gets together to get all their dreams and their purpose of life to come true in other words, in short anything rigidly determined is already written.

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Our Courses


  Alphabets and their values

  Planets and their numbers

  Planets and their days

  Friendly and enemy numbers

  Numbers and their colors

  Lucky stones

  Basic numbers




  Chakra’s and diseases

  The Codes/Colours

  How to balance and enhance every Chakra

  Crystals to cleanse and enhance space and for various other purposes


  Opening ceremony calling upon all angels ,including a breif meditation

  Things to avoid being an angel therapist

  Types of angels , 4 major angels (archangel)

  Things to follow and how to make an angel alter

  Essence and oil for deep meditation,intuitive readings and safe guarding yourself from physhic attacks